Really Full-Stack

We design, build and assemble our own hardware, and write & maintain the code that makes it run.

Supply Chain

We handle our entire supply chain in house: design, tooling, manufacturing, assembly & logistics.


Parklink's ethos is: plan now, relax later. We back everything with tests and automation to avoid mistakes.


Our products and code handle sensitive information, and we build and audit our systems accordingly.

Product Spotlight: Rebadge

Rebadge is a patented system allowing locksmiths and security professionals to duplicate RFID badges quickly and easily.

Designed, manufactured, assembled and coded entirely by Parklink, there are more than 2000 Rebadge devices online worldwide.

Rebadge's patented technology has allowed hundreds of thousands of people to duplicate and backup their RFID badges.

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Company Overview

Parklink is based in Hong Kong, because of its great dumplings and proximity to Shenzhen, the global epicentre for electronics manufacturing.

We're a small company. Our developers are geographically dispersed. Being lean and dynamic is in our DNA - it's what the company was founded on, what keeps us competitive, and what keeps the directors and developers motivated.

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